Claimant law firm sets out to buy caseloads ahead of PI reforms

Hudgells Solicitors handles a range of personal injury matters on behalf of claimants, including claims arising from the care home sector and, in our experience has sought to publicise settlements and judgments it has obtained on behalf of its clients. 

A recent article on the Law Society Gazette website outlined the firm’s intention to “reignite its eight year old acquisitional arm” under the trading name ‘’. The company will give other claimant lawyers a way to sell off caseloads and practices, ahead of further personal injury reforms next year which is expected to force some firms out of the market.

Insurers and those representing them may therefore, see Hudgells increasing its profile in this area, as it will be taking over pre-existing cases from other claimant practitioners.  As mentioned, Hudgells has not been slow to publicise its work in this area previously, and we can only expect this to increase. 

Written by Jennifer Johnston, associate at BLM

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