SCIE video – useful guidance on helping those living with dementia

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has re-circulated a useful video highlighting the importance of those caring for people with dementia to do so with empathy and to get to know the individual.

Dementia remains a growing challenge for the NHS and for care providers. It is estimated that over 69% of people living in care homes have dementia and in England and Wales, the number of people living with dementia who need palliative care will almost quadruple by 2040 (source: Alzheimer’s Research UK). There is considerable economic cost associated with the disease and this is ever increasing. It remains a key priority for both NHS England and the Government with a focus on providing the best support and care for individuals with dementia and also for their families and care providers.

The SCIE highlights the key role that supportive relationships with family, friends and care providers play in helping someone with dementia and to help provide them with the support required to maintain a good quality of life. The individual’s personal insight into the condition and dealing with the limitations it places on their ability to carry out everyday tasks can be extremely difficult and care providers will continue to play an important role in not only the management of the condition but also supporting the personal requirements of the individual.

A link to the SCIE video on its Twitter page can be found here:


Written by Rachel Barnes, solicitor at BLM

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