Annual State of Care Report from the Care Quality Commission

Following today’s release of the latest State of Care report, we have reviewed the latest findings from the Care Quality Commission as to the overall quality of health and social care in England.

Pressure on all health and care services was noted with a particular concern regarding the stability of the adult social care market as some care homes struggled to stay in business.

Access to care is an ongoing concern due to difficulties obtaining GP appointments and correct and prompt support being provided when needed.  1 in 8 people who had been offered a GP appointment had attended A&E instead.

Too many patients with mental health problems had been admitted to hospitals due to the lack of local and intensive community services.  Since 2015 there has been a 14% fall in the number of available mental health beds but demand was rising and 14 mental health hospitals have been found to be inadequate.

There are ongoing concerns relating to staffing and the report highlighted that there was a lack of appropriately skilled staff in the sector.  Further, there is a lack of cohesive or innovative action between various care services.

On a more positive note, the inspectors did come across a range of technologies being used to deliver care more effectively and innovation was at the heart of some of the high quality care they encountered and this was encouraged amongst providers.

A previous blog post titled “Dementia and Technology” from 4 April 2019 discussed how technology can assist the care sector.


On the whole, the CQC consider the quality of care in England to be good and improving slightly.

We would hope for some comment from the government on the CQC’s findings to assess how social care is managed and funded as the report specifically commented that funding was yet to be agreed.  The report however does contain some suggestions for improvement which care providers may begin to consider but for now the impact of the report is awaited.

A copy of the report can be found here.

murphy_katie_web    Written by Katie Murphy, solicitor at BLM

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