Council owned care home fined by the CQC following death of resident

The BBC has reported that Derbyshire County Council has been fined £500,000 following the death of an 80 year old care home resident.

Audrey Allen had dementia and was a resident of The Grange in Eckington.  She suffered a fall in March 2016 and died a month later.  The fall caused 12 rib fractures and injuries to her lung.

Chesterfield Magistrate’s Court was told that the Council didn’t have an up to date falls policy and there was no assessment of the deceased’s needs by the home.  The home also had staff shortages.

This is the first time a local authority has been prosecuted by the CQC.  The Council admitted to a failure to provide safe care and treatment, and the Court commented that the fine would have been higher had no admission been made.

Incidents like this emphasise the importance of good risk management for elderly patients so as to avoid potential large fines by the CQC as well as civil claims by the resident or their family.

Further information can be found here on the BBC website here.  


Written by Jennifer Johnston, associate at BLM


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