Carers UK highlight contribution made by women to the unpaid care sector on International Women’s Day

It’s well recognised that the social care sector in the UK is struggling under financial constraints and lack of resources mean that claims against homes and care providers are more likely.  Yesterday (8 March 2020) was International Women’s Day.  Carers UK, which is a UK based charity that supports unpaid carers, published an article highlighting 10 facts about the role women play in unpaid care.

This article highlights the fact that those in need of care often have to rely upon voluntary care from friends and family, instead of being able to access affordable or free social care.  Some of the stats within the article show that women have a 50:50 chance of providing care by the time they are 59, compared with men who have the same chance by the time they are 75 with 1 in 4 women having care responsibilities by age 50.

If it weren’t for this huge unpaid contribution made by voluntary carers to supporting the social care sector then it’s easy to see there would be an even larger financial strain leading to further claims against the sector.

Here is the full article about caring and its impact on women in the UK –


Written by Jennifer Johnston at BLM

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