Court of Appeal decision in Pawley case – part 19 or 20?

Readers of this blog, particularly those with an interest in dentistry will be aware of the developments that have been taking place over the last few years in relation to the issue of whether dental practices/owners are vicariously liable for the actions of associate dentists engaged by them and/or owe a non-delegable duty of care to patients treated at their practice.

The judgments in a series of recent cases (Ramdhean v Agedo and the Forum Dental Practice; Breakingbury v Croad; and Hughes v Rattan*) have all held that they do.

The practical difficulties for those working in the field of dentistry thrown up by these decisions arise in part due to the fact that dentists are required by The Dentists Act to have an indemnity arrangement in place which provides appropriate cover for acting in that capacity. The dentists are generally engaged on a contract for services i.e. are self employed and practice owners have relied upon that status and the statutory (and regulatory) requirement for a dentist to arrange indemnity. The practice owners have not previously arranged separate practice cover for injuries sustained by patients in the course of treatment.

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